Takeshi Yanagida - #001

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Takeshi Yanagida - #001

Post by Yanagida » Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:43 pm

Image Employment Drive/Batch - #001
Section I - Basic Information

I.I - First Name: Takeshi
I.II - Middle Name (if applicable): DNA
I.III - Surname: Yanagida
I.IV - Gender: Male [X] Female [ ]
I.V - Date of Birth: 19/5/1990
I.VI - Birth Country/Nation: Japan
I.VII - Are you a citizen of Red County?: Yes [X] No [ ]
I.VIII - Provide your residential address: 1335 Elbert Street, Dillimore 415, Red County, San Andreas
I.IX - Contact Information, such as phone number(s):
Section II - In-Depth Information

II.I - Have you ever been convicted of a crime and or arrested?:

II.II - Have you ever been apart of any type of organization?:

II.III - Have you ever been injured whilst working on a job?

II.IV - What valid licenses do you possess?
Drivers license.

II.V - Do you possess any certifications, such as a GED?

II.VI - Additional Information (if applicable):
Answer here

Section III - Out of Character Questions

III.I - Do you speak English fluently?: Yes
III.II - Geographical location and timezone: Kingdom of Morocco GMT +1
III.III - Do you have a stable and working microphone: Yes [X] No [ ]
III.IV - In-Game Account Username: Yanagida
III.V.I - Screenshot of Character's Statistics (/stats): TBA
III.V.II - Do you have teamspeak?: Yes
III.V.III - What factions are your character currently a member of: DNA
I, Takeshi Yanagida, have provided truthful responses above to the questions asked in this employment form. If any of them are found to be an hoax, I agree to let my application be denied without objection to this act. I, Takeshi Yanagida, agree to let the Training and Recruitment division of the Department run a background criminal-based check on me, while the application is being processed after submission.

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Takeshi Yanagida - #001

Post by Tony » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:12 pm

Image Application Response
Greetings Takeshi Yanagida,

Your application to join the San Andreas State Police was received and reviewed by the Training and Recruitment team. Due to the review done, it was considered and decided to place it on-hold until further recruitment members has decided if you're qualified for the next recruitment process.

Richard Smith
First Deputy Commissioner
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas State Police
Cypress Road, Red County
State of San Andreas

"To Protect and To Serve"

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